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Yu Yu Hakusho Kink Meme: Filled Prompts

Yu Yu Hakusho Kink Meme
Filled Prompts

So I've been tracking the kink meme and decided to make a list of all the filled prompts.
Unfilled list will come soon.

Now updated every Friday!
Last updated:


Toguro (Either one)/Karasu

Kink: Hard rape, forced oral, rude hair pulling and Karasu being insulted and forced face-down onto hard, dirty surfaces.


awkward first times
Wedding Night


Teenaged!Shinobu losing his virginity to Itsuki. Basically Itsuki dragging him out of the closet via mindfuck. In character, no clearcut seme/uke please. (How they have sex, though, is up to the writer.)

In-character, first time sex.

Silence (slave silence; silence as an erotic element in sex) - "It was a shame. With Toguro gone, and the two survivors of Team Toguro thrown back together, Sakyo never stood a chance."
Comment Boxed

Kurama either by himself or with another. Who doesn't much matter.
I want to see some inappropriate use of his Rose Whip's handle.
I leave this to you, anon. <3

Cowgirl (the man lays down and the woman rides him), Secrets, other (dark or criminal past; unspoken feelings) - "Toguro's past was built of secrets that even Genkai couldn't penetrate. He didn't snap all at once."


Submission (obedience; submissive behaviors such as boot kissing, crawling, keeping one's eyes lowered, or kneeling for master; abasement in general) - Kurama as the submissive, Bui disapproving, and Karasu loving every second.
Only You

MAKE IT HAPPEN ANON. I know you can!
Back to True Nature

I can't get the image of Nazi!Karasu coming home from his shift at Auschwitz and, oh look, it's his little whore Kurama tied up in the pantry. Kurama's all bound up with his knees by his ears, buttplug, gag, blindfold etc. Karasu talks to him as he takes ingredients out of the pantry to make himself something to eat. Whether they actually fuck or not is up to you.
The Nearness of You

Youko Kurama x Filler's choice
Youko being his ruthless self.
I'm craving a smutty yaoi with Youko [in character] as his bad ass, cut throat self. I'm not too picky on who his partner is, though some personal favorites are: Kuronue, Hiei, Yomi, Karasu, Demon Yusuke. Use of plant manipulation is a bonus. Dirty talk is loved. You get the picture, I'm sure.

Karasu/Kurama Teacher/Student
Sex in the classroom. Dub-conish, with the sex a bit on the rough side please. Bonus if Karasu pops Kurama's cherry and Kurama likes it. Double Bonus if Sakyo is involved in any way, even if he watches. But anon will not be disappointed if you can't fit him in. Karasu/Kurama is always acceptable.
Supplemental Lessons

Fucking beside an unconscious patient.
Bonus if Lady is naked under her yukata most of the time and Raizen (who has popped in to visit her) takes advantage of the fact.
Fever Dream

Yusuke holding/restraining Hiei while Kurama sucks him off.
Pent Up
Kurama attempts to prove to Yusuke that liking pretty things isn't so terribly bad. Jewelry, silk sheets, sex 'til they pass out. That kind of thing. Bonus for description of Kurama decked out like an ancient idol, dripping in heirloom (stolen, natch) gems.


Kurama is dealing weed throughout his high school years instead of getting a job. This leads to a rather amusing meeting between Yusuke and Kurama when Yusuke goes to meet this 'hot shot dealer' in town and finds out it's Kurama.
And then they have sex while high. Yeah. <3

I am a different anon than the one who requested this earlier. This anon thought is was a great prompt and would like to see it with Kurama as the student and Karasu as the teacher. Not rape, but Kurama is coerced/somewhat forced and ends up enjoying it.
This anon also liked the use of Sakyo but as last anon said, he's not required.
I'm a bad anon who steals others' prompts.

No one's requested this pairing yet? God damn.
Fucking against a tree. Youko and Kuronue are having fun after (or during) a heist. Fucking just outside wherever they stole from is like a last 'fuck you' to the previous owner.
Choice Words

Kink Meme/Kurama
Well he is the fandom bicycle.
A challenge, anon! Make this anon very happy <3
Strange Pleasures

The fox is unnecessary.
Youko's partners argue over his importance in their lives; subsequently, sex. Whether he joins in or somesuch is up to the writer. ♥

The year is 4012.
Karasu has been reincarnated and Kurama still lives on, currently residing in one of the off-Earth colonies.
Somehow, Karasu has managed to become an interrogator for some kind of army-like organization. Poor Kurama must be subjected to Karasu's brand of torture to give up the information on the possible impenetrable fortress of Earth's human loyalists. Gimmie some sci-fi, anon. <3 I'm honestly tempted to do this myself, but I'm curious to see what others would come up with none the less! Oh yeah, I'm so anon.

Non-con, whipping
Period AU - Olden Times, or just a fantasy-esque setting. Kurama is a britches-wearing farm boy, and Karasu is a pirate or a brigand or a general or whatever you see him as. The point is, he razes Kurama's town and then fucks the ever-loving shit out of our favorite fox in its ashes.
Kink: Flogging, caning, whipping, some form of beating after, during, or before sex. Non-con through and through, please, let's keep this simple.
If anyone feels the desire to make it a longer, or even chaptered fic, this very obvious anon will supply them with endless sex and love and chocolate and whatever else they so desire.
Chosen & Ash

There's got to be some way to make that damn fox in his head shut up, and Kurama is bound and determined to do just that.
separate entities kink, human Kurama tops. :D

The situation: In a public location (school or office) at a desk, one person has to keep a straight face while the other is under the desk doing whatever comes to mind. The desk has a full front so that nothing can be seen from the 'visitor' side of the desk.
Pairing and who is the 'visitor'...writer's choice.

Youko Kurama decides to take one of his subordinates to bed with him but doesn't realize how angry this would make Kuronue.
Pairings: (top/bottom) Youko/Yomi, Kuronue/Youko
Kink: Very rough bat demon to fox demon sex. Throwing, choking, fighting during sex or pre-sex, etc. Fox embarrassment, if you wish. And Kuronue fucking the shit out of Youko and Youko eventually loving it/begging for more.
Chain of Command

What Kazuma don't know don't hurt him.

Kurama has Karasu naked, bound, and gagged, and decides to fuck him mercilessly, all while telling him how much of a failure he is. Extra points for topping from the bottom; Kurama being especially spiteful is always a plus.
This Is Why You Suck

Ritual. For whatever reason, Hiei and Kurama have to preform a sex magick ritual. Maybe it's Kurama's standard way of pleasing Inari each year, or Hiei's way to even the scales between his two natures; the choice is up to you.
Thus sigils, candles and hot buttsecks! Maybe even bloodplay? Have fun with it, anon. Give me some demon loving.
Sunset & Eminence

I don't care how, I don't care who else, I don't care what, I just care that that smarmy bastard Sakyo is a smarmy bastard, and that Kurama is his baddass self. My preference is rape, but if you can make this happen consensually, more power to ya.
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