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04 February 2015 @ 23:33
Internet, let me explain you a thing.

I took my fics down because I grew up. I grew up and I realised what I was writing was horrible, self-indulgent gore. Yes people like to see characters hurt, for the 'feels', but I massacred them rather more than most people should enjoy. Not personality-wise but sexually. I wrote a BDSM fic equalising using BDSM as a torture tool (Only You). I regret that. I also wrote a 'propper' BDSM fic (Suburbia). That wasn't too bad. There was some time between my writing the two by a few years, and there is my progress.

I never claimed to be a particularly healthy person when I was younger and my writing helped me vent and calmed me down and made me wonderful friends that i'm still in contact with. Twitter is awesome for that.

I started writing my first YYH on LJ when I was 16. I don't know how but somehow blueutopiah found me and suddenly I had a few reviewers who read my smut and liked my stuff. Not everyone liked my gore but they read it. I felt important, for the first time in my life. I didn't feel useless, I didn't feel worthless and I didn't feel like nothing, like i'd been told I was all my life. I tried to commit suicide In very early 2011 and my friends from these shit fics I wrote, a whole country away, helped me get back onto my feet. I even gained a girlfriend from the fandom. She and I are no longer together but we're good friends and that relationship helped me a lot. It was a good era of my life, and hell if i'm going to let go of those friends even now.

When I changed my name from osoimaru to creepstakes it was a metamorphosis. I stopped writing yyh fic, though I continued to RP it and I still RP as Kuronue. I wrote a few fics under the creepstakes name, some as recently as late 2014 in the Castlevania fandom. I wrote some other fics under another name in the World of Warcraft and Batman fandom.

Through all this time I realised things about myself.

The latest one is that I'm done. I'm ready to unhitch myself from this shipwreck and sail on to different things. That being original writing and the occasional World of Warcraft fic that will never see the light of day and maybe some other occasional fic. Currently in my RL life I'm running a business, attending university and I'm also looking for part time work. I have long-term goal and none of it actually involves writing fic, that's just a hobby instead of an obsession now. I grew up. I'm an actual complete person now. I have shit to do. The little brat who wrote these fics is gone; I therapied her to death, and that god for that, because she had issues, man.

I still have some quirks, but I'm happy with what I am now. I don't put up with shit. I've put up with shit all my life and looking back on all this shit I've written while dealing with, while getting reviews on it, makes me angry. Because my fics are mostly torture-porn and sex, and people gush over them like they're hot as hell. They're not. It's tortureporn and I don't want to normalise that. I don't want to be connected to it anymore and I don't think other people should be reading it. I don't want it floating around where any kid can read it.

I'm not saying that I hate fic or that I've lost taste for it, i've just lost taste for all my old stuff. I don't want to be connected to it anymore. i love reading other peoples fic and reviewing and talking and laughing about things.

That said I'm not leaving the internet (as if I could ever do that, i'm gen Y) I'm just changing again, like I did when I went from osoimaru into creepstakes. It's just that this time I want there to be minimal links to my next incarnation. I want the friends I have made and anyone else who is interested to let me know, and I'll point you in my direction but creepstakes is done.

For the lurkers, you're always welcome to come find me too. I love you and you matter. Everyone matters. Everyone is worth it.

Also RIP Monty Oum. I shall try to keep moving. The Internet won't be the same.
24 December 2014 @ 23:42
It hasn't gone forever.

Just for now.

If you want one of the fics, PM me.
11 January 2009 @ 00:42


I knew I'd get around to this eventually. I'll be posting fics from a lot of fandoms that I've read over the years and some original ones (and webcomics and the like). I've also taken to adding all sort of recs on here, useful sites and interesting pages etc.

Let's just call this the 'TIME WASTING PAGE' shall we?

Have fun staying up all night.

Last updated: 22/02/10

BIG YYH DUMP. New DOGS and WoW sections, FFVII fics. One new original and one crossover.

Updated 16/04/10
One small update to add an original fiction as soon as possible without adding the fic dump just yet.


Yu Yu Hakusho

The Impalpable Ash (Kurama/Shizuru)
Unbalanced Pendulum (Hiei/Youko Karasu/Youko)
Island (Kurama/Hiei)
Counting Crows (Karasu/Kurama)
Silk & Sable (Karasu/Kurama)
The Best Defence (Mostly Gen)
Running with the Crow (Mostly Gen)
The Bath (Hiei/Youko/Yusuke/Koenma)
Kurama's Gift (Gen)
Beyond the Face of Fear (Karasu/Kurama)
Playing the Game (Youko/Kuronue)
Adding Like Terms (Youko/Kurama)
Higher Learning (Kurama/Hiei)
Daddy (Karasu/Kurama)
Skeleton Dancer (Hiei/Kurama)
Midsummer Moon (Hiei/Kurama)
Red and Black (Karasu/Kurama)
Love's Imitation (Yusuke/Kurama Hiei/Kurama)
Conception (Karasu/Hina)
Ma! He's Makin' Eyes at Me! (Hiei/Kurama)
Half Life (Kurama/Hiei)
Graduation (Kaito/Kurama)
Conception (Karasu/Hina)
The Godking (Kurama/Kuwabara)
Lines in the Sand (Kurama/Kuwabara)
Joy Bleeds (Kurama/Kuwabara)
Meanwhile, Back in Ningenkai (Kurama/Kuwabara)
Whisper a Lullaby (Kurama/Youko)
Morbid Allure (Kurama/Youko)
Onegaishimasu (Karasu/Kurama)
Downtime (Gen?)
Crow's Call (Yusuke/Kurama Hiei/Kurama Karasu/Kurama)
Revelation of a Nightmare (Hiei/Kurama)
Claim (Toguro/Karasu)
(Un) Acceptable Risks (Kurama/Kuwabara)
Virus (Kurama/Hiei)
Time (Kurama/Kuwabara)
Fixation (Karasu/Kurama)

Kingdom Hearts

Surgeon General’s Warning (Sora/Riku Roxas/Axel Leon/Cloud Demyx/Zexion)
Gin and Sin (Axel/Roxas)
Those Lacking Spines(Xaldin/Vexen)
Suburbia (Riku/Sora)
Where The Heart Is (Cid/org!Vincent)
Final Fantasy VII
(Dirge of Cerburus, Advent Children, Crisis Core and everything in between)

Friends With Benefits
( Genesis/Sephiroth)
Deeper Understanding (Angeal/Zack; Sephiroth/Genesis; Angeal/Sephiroth/Genesis/Zack)
Attraction Series (in order):
- Question of Attraction (Sephiroth/Lazard)
- Exploration of Attraction (Sephiroth/Lazard)
- Acceleration of Attraction (Sephiroth/Lazard)
Follow Up (Sephiroth/Lazard)
Cardinal Sin (Angeal/Sephiroth and Genesis)
Closer (Genesis/Sephiroth)
The White Room ( Angeal/Zack/Genesis/Sephiroth)
Against Regulations (Sephiroth/Zack)
Diabolic (Sephiroth/Vincent)
Put Your Lights On (Gen)
Why Waist Length? (Gen)
Blood, Love & Rhetoric (ciceqi 's archive)
Run in Packs (Various)
Strange Beasts (Sephiroth/Zack femmeslash)
Put Out Fire With Flames (Sephiroth/Genesis)
Eir's Tomorrow (AU Sephiroth/Cloud)
Amends (Sephiroth/Lazard)
Seven Week Itch (Sephiroth/Zack)
Stranger things Have Happened (Sephiroth/Zack Femmeslash)
Confidence (Sephiroth/Lazard)
When You Assume (Sephiroth/Angeal)
Paint the Town (Zack/Sephiroth, Cloud/Sephiroth, Cloud/Zack/Sephiroth, Reno/Sephiroth)
Nothing Out of the Ordinary (Cid/Vincent)
Wanting (Cid/Vincent)
Time for a Change (Reeve/Vincent)
Comrades in Arms (Gen)
Carefully Everywhere Descending (Vincent/Reeve)
Adagio (Zack/Genesis/Angeal/Sephiroth)
Likeness (Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud)
Heat of the Moment (Sephiroth/Genesis)
Ikenié (Sephiroth/Zack)
On the Porch (Sephiroth/Genesis/Angeal)

All FF xovers will go here now...
Meltdown and Ascendancy (Kuja/The Emperor/Sephiroth)
Idol Worship (Irvine/Sephiroth)
Sympathy for the Damned (Sephiroth/Kuja)


Making Time (Kuja/OMC)


Faust (Ryou/Bakura)


JuOn (Iruka/Kakashi)
A Fox and a Shark Walk into a Bar (Gen)

Phoenix Wright

Struggling Against Gravity (Miles/Phoenix)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Thick as Theives (Ares/Autolycus)
A Slave Muses (Hercules/Ares)
Giving up the Fight (Hercules/Ares - Half-brotherly love)

Death Note

Gravity (MelloxMatt)
Welcome to Whammy (MelloxMatt)

DOGS: Bullets & Carnage

Blind Touches (Badou/ Bishop)
Satisfying Sacriledge (Badou/Heine)
Dirty Little Secret (Bishop/Mihai/Badou)

World of Warcraft

Breaking the Fever (Belf/DKbelf)

Various Crossovers

Mission X  (YYH & X-men)
Abyssus (Naruto & Harry Potter)
Strangers in a Strange Land (Naruto & Harry Potter)
Antebellum (Naruto & Harry Potter)
The Best Defence (YYH & Harry Potter)
Moments of Redemption (YYH & Gundam Wing)
Advent Winchesters (FFVII & Supernatural)

Original Fiction
Some of these sites may require you to be a member to see explicit content (like y!Gallery) but they're most worth it.

Vampire Wings
Very nicely written. Very professional. The story is a little short, but I spent a full day and a half devouring it. It's well worth the read and has a great ending. It is, as the title suggests, about vampires. And gay sex. It's wonderfully done and not cheesy at all.

The Administration Series
If you read this prepare to loose a month. There's at least three very thick novels here. And hey, Sci-Fi detective-torturers? And corporate executives? Gay sex, BDSM and excellently written and spaced storylines? It's all here.

Juxtapose City
You have to pay to read the whole story but it is worth it. There's is a good few preview chapters to let you know what it's all about. Junkie empaths and dickhead cops in a futuristic setting? It's beautiful. And so veeery sexy.

The True Master

If you're into BDSM I demand that you read this. It's heart warming and so very true. About a lord and a slave. The slave is a natural dominant, the lord a natural submissive. The story follows their quest to understand this. It's all about status.

The Last Pure Human
Sexy goodness. This is a wonderfully written piece that has to do with an alien species of cats in the future and the very last surviving human. The world building that has gone into this is spectacular, and the sex is oh so very hot.  There's some nice cover art for the story too. The whole of the site is worth a good look through too.
Rooftop Y!G requires memership for this link to work, otherwise you'll most likely get an encoding error or some of the chapters won't be visible.
I love avian creatures, but Fen has to top them all. Lunarwench has made such a wonderful world for these two characters, and the creatures within are well thought out and original, not to mention the language and everything is just plain wonderful. It also feeds my BIG/small fetish.  The sex is, of course, mind-blowing.

Pale Bright and Shinning / Triptych: Lessons New!
It took me a while to figure out how to describe this. The world building is insane and so far removed from anything I've read before. The world is revealed bit by bit, and slowly as I read, I became addicted to it. The characters are all wonderful, and I feel for them, more and more as I read, as I understand. It's fluffy, the sex is nice, but their relationships, their culture, seems so thick, so well thought out, that it's all so easy to gnaw on it for days after reading.
A newly appointed King and his 'Triptych' (best defined as consorts/lovers) face their differences in race, custom and language. Read Pale Bright and Shinning first, then move on to Lessons.

Other Recommendation Lists:

[info]bielol 's Ai no Kusabi rec list.
[info]blueutopiah 's Yu Yu Hakusho rec list.
[info]blahchiharu 's Kingdom Hearts rec list.
 thamiris ' Hercules: The Legendary Journeys rec list.
choco_chickmimi_sardiniaThe Gay Fiction Booklist That Doesn't Suck (Original published fiction)

Other Links:

Everything You Need To Know About FFVII
Self explanatory.

FFVII Timeline
Colour-coded timeline of all events throughout the FFVII universe.

Bakura's Nightmare
General Yu-Gi-Oh! geekiness plus recs and manga scans.

Tropes Wiki
Say goodbye to your day.

Free Anime Download Resource
Anime downloads in high and low quality. Has most animes.

Free anime downloads.

A (Beginners) Guide to Fanfiction
Covers spelling, grammar, punctuation, goodfic and other subjects.

List of Fanfiction Kinks, Tropes and Cliches
Long list of every kink imaginable, good if you're looking for inspiration.

Happy Reading!

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